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[title style=”center” text=”SAFE DRIVING SKILLS”]

Choosing the right driving school in Cairns is the key to passing your driving test and becoming a safe and confident driver for life.

With a focus on flexibility for you, Teach You 2 Drive delivers the highest standard of driving instruction in Cairns in a caring environment and at a competitive price.

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[title style=”center” text=”CONVENIENTLY LOCATED”]

Take advantage of Teach You 2 Drive’s comprehensive driving services, conveniently available in Cairns, Northern Beaches, Edmonton and Gordonvale.

  • Drive-test preparation for a licence
  • Overseas licence conversions
  • Refresher driving lessons
  • Extended driving lessons
  • Pre-drive test assessments

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[title style=”center” text=”Driving for all ages”]

Teach You 2 Drive specialise in driving lessons for all ages and experience:

  • School-aged learner drivers – want more independence?
  • Mature-aged learner drivers – sick of public transport?
  • International students and tourists – unsure of the road rules?
  • Nervous and anxious drivers – need encouragement while learning?


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Servicing the Greater Cairns Region.

Your first time? We can handle it

Automatic and manual licences. We’ll show you how to drive, not just passing your test!

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[button text=”BOOK A LESSON NOW” style=”bevel” size=”larger” animate=”flipInY” link=”http://teachyou2drive.com.au/book-a-driving-lesson/driving-lesson/”]




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[title style=”center” text=”Professional & Patient Driving Instructors” color=”rgb(0, 148, 234)”]

Our Cairns driving school’s accredited driving instructors are professional, patient and punctual.

They understand the stress and pressure often associated with learning how to drive.

With expert guidance and care, our Cairns driving instructors make learning to drive a positive and rewarding experience.

Fully accredited, our Cairns driving school’s instructors know the assessment criteria you need to meet to pass your driving test:

  • Cert IV Accredited
  • 40+ Years’ Experience
  • Queensland Transport Department Accredited
  • Blue Card Accredited
  • “L” Log Book Compliant

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[title style=”center” text=”Safe Training Makes Learning to Drive Easy” color=”rgb(0, 148, 234)”]

Our Cairns driving school students will appreciate the comfort, cleanliness,
safety and reliability of Teach You 2 Drive’s automatic vehicle. For
your peace of mind, our Cairns driving school training car is fitted
with dual pedals. This means our Cairns driving school instructors have
control at ALL times.

Feel confident behind the wheel of our Teach You 2 Drive’s Toyota Corolla:

  • Training car with dual pedals
  • Air-conditioning and power steering
  • Air bags and ABS brakes
  • Clean and well maintained

A more independent you starts here!
Call 0409 113 592 today to speak with one of our qualified Cairns driving
school instructors or email us about your Cairns driving school needs.